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 IT Applications Analyst

This IT Analyst/Programmer – 2 position is a member of the Finance and Operations (F&O) IT technical support team, which supports both F&O and certain core units of the Division of Institutional Integrity and Risk Management (IIRM). This position’s ongoing job responsibilities are involved in application development and support for applications used in numerous campus enterprises.
The primary function of this position is to provide application support and data integration for and between multiple systems within F&O, the University of North Carolina and outside vendors. The position is responsible for integrating data between systems, creating queries and dashboards, and making custom changes to software architecture. In addition to supporting applications, this position routinely collaborates with customers, technicians, vendors, and administrators to ensure that quality customer service is maintained.

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Listed 1.19.2023


The Senior Parking Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Duke University and portfolio of medical parking garages and surface parking lots to ensure safe, efficient, and cost-effective services for patients, visitors, employees, and students. This position is also responsible daily and permits vehicular and pedestrian traffic to minimize traffic congestion and prevent accidents, as well as oversight of our maintenance and technical team and events operations. Cultivating a professional, diverse, and customer-focused team, this position delivers an efficient parking operation for daily and monthly parking related activities, including game day operations. The Senior Parking Operations Manager will also bear responsibility for ensuring that customer satisfaction is maximized by fostering a work environment that values and promotes diversity, integrity, collegiality, collaboration, and a "Teamwork, Safety First, and Service Excellence"; approach, maintaining the highest level of service thresholds and initiatives that are aligned with Parking & Transportation standards.

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Listed 1.27.2023